Timbuktu Ranches produces Almonds, Raisins and also sells seasoned almond firewood.

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Grown in the San Joaquin valley in Sanger, CA, Timbuktu Ranches almonds are certified organically grown by International Certification Service, Inc. (ICS). Current varieties available are Folsom, Jiml, Non Pareil, and Sonora. All almonds are available in 5 Lbs., 10 Lbs., 20 Lbs. bags as well as  in a 30 Lbs. wholesale quantity.


Our perfectly wine ripened and sweet certified organic raisins come in the Monukka and Thompson varieties.


Seasoned almond firewood is known for delivering high and consistent heat with a warm pleasant aroma. We sell our firewood for the lower than market price of $140.00 per cord. However, for that preferential price, the customer must pick up the wood.