“We go through a lot of almonds. We toast our own and use these in various dishes, including our own almond butter. We typically purchase 20-30 pound quantities and have tried many other vendors. Our last order was from Timbuktu and we aren’t looking anywhere else. The almonds just tasted better and were of higher quality.

I have just made the 2nd almond order from Timbuktu Ranches.

Thank You!”

Blaine, Sterling, MA


“I received my order of almonds today. I want you to know that they are the best-tasting almonds ever! Your price is good, your free shipping even better. I will spread the word.¬†Again, thank you for a high-quality product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Arlene, Quakertown, PA


“I just ordered and received a 5-lb bag of almonds from you (delicious, btw)”

Sue, Minneapolis, MN


“I opened the box and was shocked. I have never seen or tasted such gorgeous almonds! Wow! I am delighted. Thank you for servicing the retail public. I am so glad to get them”

Elaine, Goffstown, NH


“Just got my almonds and they are great!!¬† I look forward to doing business in the future.”



“Great products from great people, at a fair price, and a friendly experience to boot!”

Fred, Madera, CA