About Us


Our family initially purchased 10 acres of land in Fresno back in 1938 and, shortly thereafter, began an organic farming business. We farmed Persian melons on 80% of the original property and sold our melons to the local Produce Market Broker for distribution throughout California, primarily northern California. In 1961 we expanded our operation, purchasing properties in Sanger, CA, and started farming grapes, almonds, apples, oranges, plums, and nectarines. Eventually, we stopped producing plums and nectarines, but continued farming apples, apricots, and avocados.

Our operation was certified organic in 1993 and has maintained its certification ever since.

We have consciously always used natural organic farming practices, ever since our early days, decades before it became widely known, appreciated or even trendy; we were one of the forerunners in this type of farming. For a numbers of years we have used insects as a best practice for pest control, long before it became commonly used as it is today. We started to implement insect pest control with Ibrahim Michael, PhD at the California State University in Fresno (CSUF).

From the onset, we have used organic farming, based on the core belief that pesticides, and herbicides used on food, are harmful to the human body and to the land. Our extensive research has taught us to keep away from chemical farming and to eat differently, changing our diet, removing junk foods, and always seeking healthy foods.

The Timbuktu name initially came from our family’s construction company, launched in the mid 1940’s. Later on, we decided to use the Timbuktu name for the farming entity.